Trace Disturbing Calls with an Effective Reverse Phone Lookup

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  • To trace for a missing love one
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August 15, 2016 11:18:01

Got a text from these A-holes. "Do you need some extra money for the holidays?" They gave a website.

Reported by : Efren

August 15, 2016 10:46:34

Every time I answer I get a recording stating the number is not valid.

Reported by : Isidro

August 15, 2016 10:46:31

Do you know how to stop them from even being able to call? Is there some way we can block this nmber from calling? Theyve been calling my cell phone every day for a week now!!

Reported by : Jerald

August 15, 2016 10:46:30

I received a call from this number, and since I couldnt find it listed on the Chase website I called the phone number on the back of my credit card. They confirmed that the call *was* legitimate, including giving me the exact time the phonecall was made.So yes - this number is legitimate. But anytime youre not sure, youre *always* safe calling the number on the back of your credit card.

Reported by : Donte

August 15, 2016 10:46:30

they said i was apoved for a loan for 3,000 and needed a prossessing fee of 200

Reported by : Noble

August 15, 2016 10:31:59

Received call, could hear talking in the background, and then hung up.

Reported by : Chris

August 15, 2016 10:02:00

Caller ID says Huntington  Park, CA. Hung up, left no voicemail.

Reported by : Carter

August 15, 2016 08:37:53

Scam. I got a robocall saying that my debit card is blocked and I need to reactivate it.

Reported by : Israel

August 15, 2016 07:47:00

calls often and when i hang up, they call right back. they never identify themselves. very frustating

Reported by : Garfield

August 15, 2016 06:43:50

AT&T authorized partner or something. Will not leave a message, which is just plain rude.

Reported by : Joseph

August 15, 2016 05:19:49

Some companies check the do not call list for numbers they can then phone - one called told me they got my number from the do not call list. Any company can access it to see if they are allowed to call you.

Reported by : Arnulfo

August 15, 2016 05:17:42

I received apolitical text from this numberand I don't want them. i don't even know how this person or persons got my number.

Reported by : Walton

August 15, 2016 04:45:59

He robbing girls at gun point! Beware...Blk Male in his late 30's about 5'9... Don't date!

Reported by : Russel

August 15, 2016 03:58:52

I am receiving frequent message from a company. I want to stop receiving messages.

Reported by : Keven

August 15, 2016 02:56:31

loan approval up to   eight thousand dollars

Reported by : Dana

August 15, 2016 02:14:36

I tried calling this number back but only get a busy signal.  I usually don't call back the numbers that I don't recognize but something told me to call back.

Reported by : Edward

August 15, 2016 02:06:35

Sadly I only got to reading this blog after CPS Card Processing Services 1-877-714-9640 scammed my company and lied to us from beginning to end. EVERYTHING THEY SAY IS A LIE. Nothing they promise will come true. Best not even to listen to anything they say and HANG UP AND RUN!Take it from me, you will end up paying so much more than before and you will be stuck in their stupid contracts. DO NOT USE CPS CARD PROCESSING SERVICES 1-877-714-9640.

Reported by : Louis

August 15, 2016 01:58:31

I did not answer and they did not leave a message 10 phones calls

Reported by : Sebastian

August 15, 2016 01:17:43

Why would they call? No number, no message. They maybe thieves calling to see if your home! I got three calls from them. I am trying to block 000-000-0 to see if it works. Everyone else try it to. Maybe this will work for the hundreds of people using 000-000-0.

Reported by : Michael

August 15, 2016 00:00:29

have been calling when I answer male said wrong number female called today asked for husband not here will call back

Reported by : Coy

August 14, 2016 23:17:25

received several calls from this phone number on my private unlisted land phone. its a recorded message stating 'this is Mason......." I terminate the calls

Reported by : Keven

August 14, 2016 23:06:17

They didn't say anything it was automated

Reported by : Adrian

August 14, 2016 22:50:14

yes- this is the case w/me. Last mo. I cancelled my husbands sears card bcz of his death - he was never late and I never had a card. Yesterday had a voice mail on my cell saying this was Sears, and not a sales call, pls call -- thought it was something related to our acct, called and they had someone named Georgia Miller associated w/my cell nbr - they said they would take my cell nbr off their list.

Reported by : Danilo

August 14, 2016 22:49:32

Most likely the same caller as reported above.

Reported by : Rod

August 14, 2016 22:12:18

Trouble is, when I answer the phone, they hang up immediately. Its the calls from 000-000-0 that do this. I also received a call from supposed Cardmember Services, and when I asked to be removed from their list, the man on the phone started saying obscene things to me. I told him I was recording his mouth, and he told me to stick the recorder up my ***! What a jerk he was!!! I reported the incident to the FCC, and they said they would handle it. I havent received any more calls from that number lately.

Reported by : Cecil

August 14, 2016 20:29:15

how do you get a google number?

Reported by : Greg

August 14, 2016 18:43:52

ey said I won a 50 walmart gift card n 25 coupons 4 restaurant nden saidsumdig bout 25 4 gas,totalling ova 100 n as soon as he asked if I was 18,he asked if I was da head of 2prepayed credit cardz n as soon he asked dat I asked him wat business is it if I won sumdig,I asked a 2 time,he hung up.glad I just found dis app n info,thank u

Reported by : Mitchell

August 14, 2016 18:34:16

I got a call from this number and talked to me first, I thought it was a loan scam matter little trust again, he said Vesey and I got a loan.

Reported by : Arthur

August 14, 2016 17:59:54

some jerk phoned with the same number and location as mike trying to get me to do the same but no luck for him today

Reported by : Julius

August 14, 2016 17:24:11

I don't have anything from the Home shopping center

Reported by : Miguel

August 14, 2016 15:28:23

They call ALL the time.  Thankfully we block.

Reported by : Rusty

August 14, 2016 14:30:24

I have been getting calls from 609 225 5278....... do not answer calls from unknown i did reverse look up phone it says land line phone...Plleasantville NJ  from   a phone company that I never heard off.....anyway they never leave a message.......I think is some kind of scam......

Reported by : Carey

August 14, 2016 13:30:26

Yeah, how can you be so dunce? Why even bother responding to a caller who insist on speaking to you Spanish in this English-speaking country?

Reported by : Arron

August 14, 2016 11:59:13

I called it for you, and as i suspected, this is AT&T voicemail for mobile lines.

Reported by : Van

August 14, 2016 11:43:19

An ad selling health insurance.

Reported by : Jules